That time of the year when we get to smell the sweetness of the earth..the cloudy skys…the greenery spread everywhere

I love the rainy season..just to stand in your balcony and see the rain fall to the ground..

How the  ground takes in all the water…quenching its thirst
How the flowers bloom…dancing in the rains
Its the most romantic time of the year
When lovers yearn for one another..
Those who are apart..missing each other..

And the best part…some lovely memories..

Rains pouring…some pakoras , hot tea and your friends …what a deadly combination

Rains pouring..water logging..school closed…the happy faces of little children

Floods ..trains closed..no office…wow

Going out in the pouring rains with your friends and getting drenched…so cool

But some memories which the rains bring with it are also very painful..like some lovers who are apart…or for someone whose heart is broken…someone who has lost a dear one…

So many memory each season carries with it
Some happy …some sad..but again that LIFE.

Wish u a lovely rainy season..with lots and lots of memories in the making..

Adios friends..will be back with some of my thoughts soon✍

Relationships. They are such strange things. Just when you think you have a grip on them, something surprises you. You are never in control. And it is always a power shift. Everything you do in a relationship so depends on how much you love that person.

But sometimes in a relationship love is also not enough.I have come across so many people in my life for whom whatever you do is not enough.It like it just does not make any difference to them..they will treat you..as they want…it all depends on their mood..if its good..they treat u well…if not they treat u like shit…

And i have also known people to whom this type of treatment just does not make a difference….I mean sometimes i feel are they for real..like treated ao badly but still they run behind the same people…HOW  I absolutely fail to understand.
But well its their choice …one thing i have come to realise…U cannot change some peoples thinking…he or she will do as they  please…and the sooner we accept it the better

Adios..will be back with some of my thoughts soon✍


I recently heard someone say …It makes no difference to me whether someone hates me or loves me.
It really surprised me when I heard this.

I mean if someone hates u and it does not effect u..that great..cause that makes u a strong person…

But when when someone loves us and we say that it makes no difference to us…well that makes us arrogant..

I mean its one thing to be hated…but to be loved ..its the most beautiful feeling in the world

To love and be loved by someone..its a blessing …not all people are lucky to love or be loved.
So if we have someone in our lives ..who love us…I feel we have to cherish them…Thank the Lord for such people who love and care for us

Hate is a very strong word…a feeling which destroys the person without him/her knowing it…whereas Love is a blessing which enriches our lives in ways we cannot even image

Hope our lives are always blessed with this beautiful feeling of love

Adios till my next thoughs✍


This weekend had gone to the beach. The sea always has this calming effect on me. I just love to watch the waves as they come and touch your feet and than just retreat back.

It just feels so good when the sand erodes beneath your feet and the sea slowly pulls you toward her, like a mother calling to her child.

It gets you thinking of that the sea keep so much in its depth..just like a mother who keeps so much in her heart..all her pains and all her sorrows and never ever showing it to anyone..always smiling ..like the ocean ..always ready to take in everything offered to her and keep it in her depths.

The waves which come to touch our feet..our like the difficulties and worries of our life…they come touch us and if we stand strong…go back again just like the waves and leave us smiling.

The beautiful sunset and the cloud filled sky were so mesmerising..A picture that only GOD himself can paint.

Adios friends…will be back with some more of my thoughts soon✍

A familiar stranger

Suddenly sometime in life, there comes an unknown person …
He not even a friend,
#Not even Mate Still so close and appeasing to heart….
There are so many beautiful moments with him, Shared thousands of sorrows and  happiness, Those which i did not even talk to anyone, That too i talked with him ….. Though he is unknown But  the heart is very close to him
Still he looks so familiar … There is no  relationship with him, Even then  Heart wants to believe in him
There is no right on him  Still he is so close than the near ones… 
We like to spend time together …. Even when there is no mind to listen to anything, Love to hear him #strange ,
There is no #relationship with him,
Still my heart wants to be with him.. Its a Weird relationship,

To whom my heart wants to give no name.But he plays an very important role in my life …… Strange but  still my heart wants his company every moment in life…✍


In hindi there is a saying;
Doobte hue ko tinke ka sahara bhi bohot hai ( a man who is drowning for him a small piece of wood or twig is also life saving)

Giving hope to a greiving heart…a scared soul…gives them so much to look forward to..

Hope to a friend who has lost a loved one..
Hope to someone who has occured a great loss in business
Hope to someone who has lost his/her everything in a fire or flood some other natural calamity
Hope to a student who has failed in some exams

There are many many more examples which i can write here…For this one word HOPE

Have experienced personally a friend whose house caught fire and in front of her eyes her whole house burnt and she could not do anythg…we all did what we could to help her but frankly except giving her hope we felt so helpless

Giving hope to someone is i feel very easy but God fobid if we oursleves our in some situation …n when we are recieving that same Hope from someone else..its so difficult to believe in Hope…

I have 2 people in my family who are fighting with cancer…i feel so helpless when i go to meet them..i give them words of encourgement and tell them to be strong and keep fighting and hope all will be well soon…but i always ask myself that do i really believe in what i am telling them?

Very long time back i lost a friend and my uncle to cancer…i have seen them suffer and in their last stages when we used to give them any hope they just used to tell us that please dont pray for us…just let us go..we cannot bear this pain anymore..
So it all depends on individual situations…some hold on to Hope and never give up..waiting that one day all will be alright
And for some there is no Hope at all

But still keep Hope and Faith in God in these days of Pandemic..that one day again we all will happy and healthy and back to our normal lives

Kabhi alvida na kehna….kabhi alvida na kehna✍

Gifts and surprises

Hey friends….

Everyone loves gifts and  surprises..be it a child or an adult..

Everyone at some point of time must have recieved a gift or some surprise from their loved ones..be it on a birthday..mothers day..fathers day…anniversary…eid …diwali..etc

The feeling of receiving a gift is overwelming..someone thinking about us and going through the trouble of buying a gift ….that feeling is priceless
Planning a surprise for your loved one..making preperations days in advance..coordinating with everyone..makes that person feel so very very special

When someone gets me a gift when they are travelling…its very special..even if its just a small token of that place…its the thought that counts.
I personally love gifts and surprises…havent recieved many though…

In my whole span of married life…..my hubby who used to stay abroad ..had surprised me once by coming all the way to india on my birthday…well that really meant a lot …
He does not believe in buying me gifts..he always says you take whatever you want…
I have had a very fulfilling married life …
Still that child in me somwehere longs for that surprise gift….a teddy bear…roses…choclates..

Dont we all have that child in us? ✍

What is Love?

Is it between a girlfriend and boyfriend…husband and wife…mother and child

YES but for me it is also an unconditional feeling. .Love cannot come with conditions…sometimes its just one way Love…U love someone but its not neccessary the person will love u back…amd we should be ok with that…
But so easily said than done….Right

Its human tendency that when we love we expect love in return…and when we dont receive it we are heartbroken…

There are many form of love


when a mother cooks for her children it is love

When we care for someone whi is sick it is love

When we take care of our plants by watering them it is love

When we take care of our pets ..it is love

Taking care of your old parents is love

When a wife waits for her husband to come home..its love

There are thousands of such examples which we can associate with love

Love was never meant to be easy..for some it brings great joy and fills their life with happiness…than there are those who are unlucky in this forte..
Well all said and done..Love is that feeling which just happens..its not planned…

So hope that all who have found Love in their lives do cherish it and for those sad hearts who have not found love ..dont lose hope…there is always someone out there for everyone.✍

Can we really forgive someone?

Have always heard that forgiving someone is for us to heal..when we forgive someone, we are at peace ..we do that for oursleves more than the other person

But i always wonder can we really forgive someone  no matter how much that person has hurt us .
I mean its so easy to tell someone to forgive…but do we even realise the pain that person has gone through..everyday dying a new death..the trauma..the heart burn
I know its good to forgive,it brings u inner peace and calm…but again when at times u remember all those horrible times the pain comes ghusing back
People say its always good to forgive and forget…forgive ok…but forget..i dont think so…
To completely forget what someone has done to u…physically/mentally….that is i feel impossible to forget.
So i feel we can forgive someone but the pain stays with us…it nevers goes away

So on that Note May God give us the strenght to forgive someone..cause only the strong can forgive ✍

Came across this post today…Got me thinking…so many of us can relate to this…

I mean i can…we meet so many people in our walk of life….some stay with us…some are there just for sometime….some become friends…some acquaintances…but all leave some mark on our lives

Some people we forget but some stay in our hearts forever

We create beautiful memories with some people..which we remember later on when we see some old pics…thoses unforgetable days..with tears in our eyes we know those moments will never come back…

I feel we should cherish each and every moment in our life, so that even when that moment is gone we have no regret in our life and we fondly remember all those people with a sweet smile on our faces.

Keep smiling😊

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